Public Commentary

Nina regularly publishes in mainstream media. She has co-authored an Open Democracy article with Rebecca Brubaker analysing the gaps in global governance for protecting migrants’ rights. She has commented on New Zealand’s proposed humanitarian visa for climate refugees, outlining six factors the Labour-Greens Government should consider to make such a visa work. Writing with Max Harris, she has also advocated for the New Zealand government to speak with the Pacific on the international stage and highlight the costs of climate change. She has also written on how New Zealand’s new government could rethink its foreign policy on gender equality, aid and indigenous relations. For the German press she wrote about a low point in Australian-US relations, with Trump’s first call to Prime Minister Turnbull and differences over a US-Australian refugee deal. She also wrote on the need for academics to organise, and build bridges to marginalized communities in the aftermath of Trump’s immigration ban.

In late summer of 2015, Nina advocated for more humanitarian policy to refugees and completed a solidarity swim from Turkey into Greek waters. In an article for the Guardian, just days before Chancellor Merkel opened the German borders, she issued a reminder that in the aftermath of WWII only Europeans were classified as refugees and it was time for Europe to welcome refugees, rather than fend them off with walls and teargas. She continues to explore the political challenges of campaigning for refugee rights in her research.


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