Public Commentary

Nina regularly publishes commentary in international media including the Washington Post, The Guardian, Die Zeit Online, Tagespiegel, University World News and the Conversation.

Nina has written on global migration and refugee politics. She examined whether social media is a platform for supporting or attacking refugees. In December 2018, she analysed whether the UN Global Compact is a major breakthrough.  She commented on New Zealand’s proposed humanitarian visa for climate refugees, and subsequently discussed why New Zealand did not go through with the visa.  In late summer of 2015, Nina advocated for more humanitarian policy to refugees and completed a solidarity swim from Turkey into Greek waters.

She has also written a number of articles on New Zealand foreign policy, including on what a progressive foreign policy could look like, and how New Zealand could use its influence during the COVID crisis.  She has advocated for a debate with more diverse voices on New Zealand’s role in the world,  and outlined how New Zealand’s Labour-led government could rethink its foreign policy on gender equality, aid and indigenous relations.  She has also co-founded a new independent organization, New Zealand Alternative, which promotes a progressive role for New Zealand in the World. She is a regular commentator on international relations on Radio New Zealand, Nights.

During the COVID crisis she also wrote an article with Dr. Jess Auerbach on the need for a new approach to social sciences and humanities.


Recent Public Commentary 

Hall, Nina and Jess Auerbach, A new approach to social sciences, humanities in a time of crisis, University World News, 7 May 2020.

Hall, Nina, Max Harris, Thomas Nash, Evelyn Marsters, and Arama Rata, “NZ is winning global kudos for our Covid-19 response. How do we use it?”, The Spinoff, 8 May 2020

Hall, Nina, The Role of International Relations in the Covid-19 World, Radio NZ nights, 7 April 2020.

Hall, Nina, “New Zealand and the World”, RNZ Nights, 28 January 2020.

Hall, Nina, Hans Peter Schmitz and Michael Dedmon, ‘Fridays for Future, How Young Climate Strikers are teaching NGOs a lesson’, SAIS Perspectives, November 12 2019.