Public Commentary

Nina regularly publishes commentary in international media including the Washington Post, The Guardian, Die Zeit Online, Tagesspiegel, University World News and the Conversation. She is also regular commentator on international relations on Radio New Zealand, Nights.

She has written a number of articles on New Zealand foreign policy, including on what a progressive foreign policy could look like, and how New Zealand could use its influence during the COVID crisis.  She has advocated for a debate with more diverse voices on New Zealand’s role in the world,  and outlined how New Zealand’s Labour-led government could rethink its foreign policy.  She has co-founded a new independent organization, Te Kuaka  (formerly New Zealand Alternative), which promotes a progressive role for New Zealand in the World. In 2020 she edited a book on New Zealand’s role in the world: Beyond These Shores, Aotearoa and the World.

During the COVID crisis she also wrote an article with Dr. Jess Auerbach on the need for a new approach to social sciences and humanities.

Recent Public Commentary 

Hall, Nina. “Five things Americans should know about Jacinda Ardern’s visit to the US this week”, Washington Post, May 24, 2022.

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