Transnational Advocacy in the Digital Era

Nina is writing a book on how transnational advocacy is changing in the digital era to published by Oxford University Press. She is interested in how a common form of digital advocacy organization has spread worldwide from the US to Germany, from Poland to New Zealand. Activists in these countries have established multi-issue, membership driven, progressive organizations inspired by model. Her research explores how these digital advocacy organizations campaign and collaborate transnationally.

As part of this research she has written on the distinctiveness of this form of advocacy, the challenges of mobilizing people for progressive causes in the populist era, and how these groups have campaigned for refugee rights. She also edited a special issue of the Journal of Information Technology and Politics on innovation and adaptation in advocacy organizations during the digital eras.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Hall, Nina. Transnational Advocacy in the Digital Era, Oxford University Press, Forthcoming.

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Hall, Nina. 2019. “When do Refugees Matter? The Importance of Issue-Salience for Digital Advocacy Organizations”, Interest Groups & Advocacy, 8 (3), 333-355.

Other Publications

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