Teaching and Supervision

Nina Hall currently teaches a graduate course in Theories of International Relations  at SAIS. She covers key concepts in international relations including: power, hegemony, anarchy, norms and networks. Students learn and debate the merits of a wide range of theoretical perspectives – from realism to feminism, neo-liberalism to green theory. The class engages with contemporary debates such as: Should we foster a non-Western approach to IR?

Nina Hall has previously taught classes on international organizations. Students in this course explored why and how states create and use international institutions, and examine real-world examples of decision-making in multilaterals. They were required to brief the head of the World Food Programme on how to deal with the world food crisis, and write an op-ed on how to reform the selection process for the UN Secretary General.

Nina has taught an innovative, practical-orientated class on international advocacy where students worked closely with Transparency International in Berlin and developed campaigns to combat corruption.  Nina has also supervised over a dozen Masters’ thesis and taught classes on research methods.

  • International Relations
  • International Organizations
  • International Advocacy